Wyr, the Watcher

Time Domain, Church of The Watcher, Wyr

The Watcher’s main tenet is: if it is not observed and recorded, it may as well not have happened. Their whole organization looks to witness the events that make up history and make them available for future reference. This makes them ideal record keepers and they often take active part on the operation of public administration, and their holy symbol, a pair of glowing eyes is often a part of the seals of official documents across Tharl.

Watchers are a reclusive group who prefer to observe the world’s events from afar than be in the thick of things. When they do venture out, they would rather blend in than stand out so as not to interfere with the events they are recording.

Domain Spells
Cleric Level Spells
1st Expeditious retreat, Longstrider
3rd Haste, Slow
5th Hold Monster, Scrying
9th Foresight, Time stop

The Watcher’s Blessings
Every Watcher is taught to look for minute signs and details that can impact the actions she witnesses. The culmination of this training is their access to the Guidance Cantrip upon ordination at 1st level. It also grants them a +2 bonus to Initiative and Perception rolls.
The Watchers can also share the senses of a creature they touch for the next 10 minutes, provided they can remain concentrated while they do so. Unwilling creatures get a Will saving throw to negate the effect and become immune to further attempts from the same Watcher.

Channel Divinity – A fleeting moment
At second level, a Watcher’s mastery of time allows them to take an extra action on their turn by spending one of their Channel Divinity uses for the day. This ability can only be used once per round and allows for a second attack action.

Far Sight
At 6th level, Watchers gain the ability to cast their sight to a range of 1 mile. They can do this a maximum of Wis Mod times before needing a long rest to regain use of the ability.

Far senses
At 8th level, Far Sight gets upgraded to include use of all hearing and smell, and the use can now be regained by a short rest.

True sight
At 17th level, Watchers can no longer be fooled by physical or arcane means. They can now use their Channel Divinity ability to gain the benefit of the True Seeing spell for 1 min + Concentration, to a maximum of 10 minutes per use.

Wyr, the Watcher

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