Trae, the Void

Death Domain, Church of The Void, Trae

Voidlords and Voidladies, as the priests of this church are called, see their patron deity as the end of all things, a necessary closing of each cycle that enables the birth and creation of new creatures and objects, not only through the natural cycles of Nature and Matter, but by the very existence of death, which provides living beings with the ultimate driver to innovate.

They view any sort of supernatural means of delaying or bypassing the end of existence for creatures and creations as abhorrent, and will actively hunt and oppose undead and other true immortal beings.

Domain Spells
Cleric Level Spells
1st Bane, Ray of sickness
3rd Fear, Vampiric touch
5th Cloudkill, Antilife shell
9th Power word kill

Blessing of the Void
When ordained, Voidlords gain a permanent connection to the Void Pit, which grants them access to the Chill touch cantrip. This connection also grants them resistance to Necrotic damage and causing unintelligent Undead to ignore them unless they are attacked in any way.

Channel Divinity – Voidspeak
Upon reaching second level, Voidladies can contact the spirits that have recently entered the Pit and have not been anihilated by it. By channeling the Divinity in them, they can call forth the spirit of a recently diceased creature whose name they know or whose corpse they can touch. The priest can force the spirit to provide answers to one question per Wisdom modifier, though the creature’s attitude towards the caster is not affected by this ability, and answers from antagonistic souls are often vague, minimalistic, cryptic or, often, all of the above.

Small death
At 6th level, Voidlords gain the ability to give creatures a small taste of the oblivion that awaits them in the Pit. This ability works as the spell Feign Death, with the added benefit that it can be inflicted upon an unwilling creature, which gets a Wis saving throw to negate the effect and become immune to further attempts from the same Voidlord. Once used, the effect cannot be used again until the Voidlord takes a long rest.

Living decay
At 8th level, Voidladies gain the ability to infect living creatures with the decay of death before their time in Tharl is done. This ability functions just like the Blight spell, and the use of it can be regained after a long rest.

Negate existence
At 17th level, Voidlords can force a living creature into the Void by sheer force of will. By spending one of their Channel Divinity uses while toucing the target creature, they can remove the target creature from the Material Plane for a number of rounds equal to their Wis Modifier. If the creature has more HD or levels than the cleric, it gets a Will save to negate the effect. Time does not pass while in the Void, and the affected creature cannot be the target of spells or effects.

Trae, the Void

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