The people of Tharl have been intrigued by a queer sight in their sky ever since they first looked up at it: A group of 5 stars arranged around the moon in a precise geometrical pattern.

Aside from all the racially derived gods, the early human civilizations of Tharl created a pantheon comprised of 6 main Gods, represented by the following drawing:
Tharlean pantheon

Further information on each god can be found here:

Furthermore, they believe that these six gods together reign over all aspects of creation and human endeavors, often working in concert to decide on those subjects that are found to be of interest to more than one of them. In said occasions, the main gods conjoin to create entities called Gaethirs, which act independent of the Gods but answer to those that contribute to their creation. The most prevailing of these Gaethirs, which are often worshiped alongside the Gods, are:


The Tharlian Pentacle Chonicles drnoir