Amu, The Veilkeeper

Secrets Domain, Church of The Veilkeeper, Amu

Veilkeepers think of Amu as the keeper of all secrets, both looking to uncover them for itself and keeping them from prying eyes. It is worshiped by spies, secret societies and conspiracy theorists alike, who often would rather have a secret die with them than have it fall into the hands of the unworthy.

All ordained members of the church wear a smoky veil (their holy symbol) at all times, covering their eyes when they enact any religious rituals or ceremonies.

Amu’s agenda often causes antagonism with the church of Wyr, The Watcher, who want to record any information they uncover for all to see, and from the followers of Ecu, the Mother, who hold all life sacred and would rather have secrets in the wind over the death of any creature in Tharl. In contrast, Ord, the Maker, was the force behind many of the locks behind the greatest secrets the Veilkeepers protect, and Trae, The Void, will gladly consume any information they deem too dangerous for public knowledge.

Domain Spells
Cleric Level Spells
1st Comprehend languages, Disguise self
3rd Clairvoyance, Tongues
5th Rary’s telepathic bond, Scrying
9th Astral Projection

Blessing of Secrets
As part of their initiation into the church, Veilkeepers receive secrets on two fields of their choice among Investigation, Arcana, History, Nature, Religion and Insight; which they must guard from others and, if possible, complement with new knowledge. They effectively receive additional proficiencies in these skills at 1st level, and they can apply double their proficiency bonus the two proficiencies they choose. New knowledge they acquire must be delivered to the church in methods that will keep them secret (i.e. cyphers, secret symbols, etc.) periodically.

Channel Divinity – Drop the veil
All Veilkeepers gain the ability to veil the world from others at second level, causing a 10’ radius globe of magical darkness to appear around a target creature within a 50 foot range, lasting while the Veilkeeper concentrates, for a maximum of 1 minute. While the area is completely dark for all creatures, members of the Church of Amu can always see normally in these areas.

Raise the mind’s veil
At 6th level, Veilkeepers have learned to pierce the veil in other creature’s minds, allowing them to read the surface thoughts of creatures. The target creature must be within 60 feet of the caster and, if unwilling, they get a Wis save throw to negate this effect. If successful, the Veilkeeper gains access to the creature’s surface thoughts for the next 1 minute, provided the creature remains within the 60 feet range.

The Nature of Lies
At 8th level, Veilkeepers have gained enough insight into the nature of keeping secrets that they automatically know whenever a creature they observe is lying, provided they can understand the language the creature is communicating in and have a clear view of the creature. This means non-verbal forms of communication are not susceptible to this effect.
They can also use their Channel Divinity ability to force a creature to tell the truth for the next minute. Unwilling creatures must succeed in a Will save to resist.

Visions of the Past
Starting at 17th level, Veilkeepers can call up visions of the past that relate to an object you hold or your immediate surroundings. After spending at least 1 minute in meditation and prayer, then receive dreamlike, shadowy glimpses of recent events. They can meditate in this way for a number of minutes equal to your Wisdom score and must maintain concentration during that time, as if you were casting a spell. Once you use this feature, you can’t use it again until you finish a short or long rest.

  • Object Reading: Holding an object as you meditate, you can see visions of the object’s previous owner. After meditating for I minute, you learn how the owner acquired and lost the object, as well as the most recent significant event involving the object and that owner. If the object was owned by another creature in the recent past (within a number of days equal to your Wisdom score), you can spend 1 additional minute for each owner to learn the same information about that creature.
  • Area Reading. As you meditate, you see visions of recent events in your immediate vicinity (a room, street, tunnel, clearing, or the like, up to a 50-foot cube), going back a number of days equal to your Wisdom score. For each minute you meditate, you learn about one significant event, beginning with the most recent. Significant events typically involve powerful emotions, such as battles and betrayals, marriages and murders, births and funerals. However, they might also include more mundane events that are nevertheless important in your current situation.

Amu, The Veilkeeper

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